Call Center Lead Verification

How can you get a highly qualified lead? Is there any way to tell the difference between a browser and a buyer?

Traditional marketing companies do their best to generate leads and "toss them over the wall" for you to sort out. This approach leaves the burden on the client - increasing marketing and sales costs and decreasing ROI.

Virtel Marketing's approach to call center marketing is different.

Let us find the buyers for you

For high-end sales and long term enrollments, Virtel Marketing offers call verification services. With call verification, Virtel Marketing will generate the lead online and then call through the leads to identify those prospects who are indeed interested and qualified.

With call verification your close rates increase exponentially!

  • Qualify prospects
  • Gauge their level of interest
  • Set appointments or...
  • We can even hot-transfer qualified prospects to your sales team!





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Domestic call centers:

Virtel Marketing can use domestic call centers for your campaign to help you:

  • Improve high-end lead qualification
  • Complete more complicated qualification processes
  • Create a seamless interaction between your web portal and the prospect
  • Receive hot-transfered leads

International call centers:

Depending on your campaign needs, Virtel Marketing can also use international call centers to help you:

  • Reach large volume requirements for a fraction of the cost
  • Generate simple qualification process leads
  • Validate prospect reachability
  • Upsell your existing customers with additional offerings

Complete Visibility and Quality Control

Virtel Marketing offers clients complete visibility into their call center leads. Recordings can be provided via FTP within 24 hours of lead delivery.

Our internal quality assurance team also listens to every qualified lead call to ensure your quality requirements are met.