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Pay Per Click Management Solutions

As a premier PPC management agency based in the US, we excel in delivering high returns on investment. Specializing in data-driven strategies, our expertise encompasses Google Ads, Facebook & YouTube ads, and display advertising. Our team of digital marketers is dedicated to optimizing your investment with meticulously crafted paid campaign setups tailored to your objectives.

US-Based PPC Management Firm Focused on Delivering Measurable Results

Virtel Marketing is a result-driven PPC Management company in the US. We focus on achieving only one thing that matter – results. Our professional online marketers develop powerful paid campaigns to reach your targeted audience and bring maximum traffic to your website.

Our approach to PPC management is multifaceted. It covers everything from mapping out your user’s journey, taking ownership at every stage, creating the right keyword, structure and copy. We will also develop the landing page strategy for your business. Our goal is to connect brands and consumers using our PPC management services.


We can take up any new challenge and use specific strategies to solve it.


Our creative ideas and new-age technologies can boost your digital exposure.


We provide Creative & quality work on time without compromising on consistency.


We offer dedicated support for your website or apps for maintenance & improvements.

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As the foremost PPC management agency in the US, we provide conversion-focused PPC management services to clients worldwide, elevating your business in search results. Our solutions are both cost-effective and measurable, guaranteeing maximum returns from your paid campaigns.

Search Advertisement

We utilize Google Ads’ Search Ads to propel websites to the top of search results, significantly boosting traffic to the site.

Display Advertisement

We engineer impactful display ad strategies featuring captivating, tailored visuals to ensure each ad drives conversions effectively.

Video Advertisement

We orchestrate video ad campaigns across prominent online platforms, ensuring your business is discoverable when customers seek relevant information.

Shopping Advertisement

We specialize in strategic shopping ads, incorporating rich product details such as images and prices to expand your product’s reach to a wider audience.

Google Adsense

We leverage this time-tested contextual and rich media advertising strategy to help you earn revenue from your websites or blogs.

Ecommerce PPC Services

We design conversion-focused PPC campaigns tailored to sell your products online, effectively boosting online transactions and maximizing return on ad spend.

Medical PPC Services

Our PPC services encompass the creation and management of health-related paid campaigns tailored for businesses operating in the medical niche.

B2B PPC Services

With our PPC management services, we assist both small and large B2B companies in achieving online prominence, ultimately driving revenue growth at a reduced cost.


Take the First Step to begin the journey of thousand miles. Call us now or book an appointment and let’s start an enduring partnership that will fulfil all your business goals. We help start-ups & enterprises increase their online potential to always stay on top of the game.

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How We Help To Grow Your Business?


Communication is the key to every success. We meet clients to discuss the project details and understand their ideas, needs and demands at the core.

02.Ideas & Planning

Our professionals develop out-of-the-box ideas and ensure a workflow that meets the project’s key objectives.


We execute the ideas and plans as agreed and ensure that every step of the project leads towards the stated outcomes from the initial phase.

04.Monitor & Deliver

Our experts track progress, analyse project execution against project planning and outcomes, and deliver the product within the agreed time.

Our Service Promise Outdo The Rest

Keywords Analysis

Our team of PPC experts conducts thorough research to curate a comprehensive keywords list that accurately represents your business services.

Proper Keywords Integration

We meticulously analyze relevant keywords and craft ad copy that seamlessly integrates the targeted keywords, maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Set Perfect Ad Running Time

Our PPC team identifies your targeted customers and strategically schedules the display of ads to reach them at the most opportune times.

Monitor Ad Performance

We maintain continuous monitoring of the ad campaign's performance, consistently refining ad scores to enhance ROI (Return on Investment).

PPC Remarketing

Re-engage potential customers who have previously visited your website to enhance brand recall and drive increased engagement.

Maximise ROI

Our PPC campaigns are meticulously designed to ensure optimal reach, maximum return on investment, and minimized expenses.

How Can PPC Service Make A Difference?

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, has transformed the digital landscape by enabling businesses to reach their target audience, generate more leads, and increase revenue. This online marketing method enhances website visibility in search engine results through paid advertising.

Get Audiences cost-effectively

With PPC ad campaigns, you have control over your targets, budget, and ad placements. You only pay for the traffic generated by your ads.

PPC is measurable & Trackable

One benefit of running PPC ads through Google Ads is the ease of tracking and quantifying your campaign’s performance.

Incredible Targeting Options

PPC offers several tools like user’s location, ages & interests on hand to let you target specific customers locally & globally.

Achieve Your Business Goals

A perfect PPC ad strategy can help your brand’s product or service reach its target customers and increase sales.

Drive Warm Leads

With PPC ads, you can reach customers when they actively look for what you are selling.

Provide Instant Traffic

PPC can get your content on the first page of search engines, rendering instant results more than organic marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our PPC management team implements conversion-driven campaign strategies to maximize your investment. We conduct comprehensive keyword research to understand user behavior and analyze competitors to determine an effective bidding structure, all while collaborating closely with you. Crafting compelling ad copies that resonate with your target audience, our PPC managers execute every aspect of the campaign with precision and strategy.

You have the flexibility to run PPC ads across various platforms, including popular search engines like Google and Bing, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as third-party websites. However, it’s essential to focus and concentrate your marketing efforts on the platform that offers the most value based on your business’s services or products.

The cost of a PPC campaign will depend on many factors, including the bidding model and targeted keywords. Star Tech Web Solutions offers cost-effective PPC management services. Let’s know your requirements, and we will give you a free quote.

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