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Virtel Marketing, a premier social media marketing agency in the UK, provides dynamic and conversion-focused social media marketing services. We craft effective social media marketing plans aimed at amplifying your brand’s voice, boosting engagement, and driving conversions. Our flexible social media marketing packages cater to various advertising budgets. Let our team of social media specialists collaborate with you to develop the perfect plan tailored to achieve your business goals.

Unlock Business Growth with Our Leading Social Media Marketing Agency

Virtel Marketing stands out as a premier social media company in the UK, integrating core digital marketing tactics, social media advertising, and organic posting to drive significant website traffic. Our innovative and data-driven strategic approach enables us to develop successful social media strategies for both paid and organic content.

We excel in crafting ad campaigns that boldly challenge competitors and stand out amidst the clutter of social media feeds. Our team of social media experts specializes in increasing user engagement, expanding a business’s reach, and fostering meaningful networks.

No matter where your target audience resides, our experts are equipped to ensure your brand maintains an active and influential presence across various social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and more.


We can take up any new challenge and use specific strategies to solve it.


Our creative ideas and new-age technologies can boost your digital exposure.


We provide Creative & quality work on time without compromising on consistency.


We offer dedicated support for your website or apps for maintenance & improvements.

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Boost Your Online Visibility with Our Expertise


At Virtel Marketing, we offer result-driven social media services geared towards developing winning campaigns and delivering measurable outcomes. In today’s competitive marketing landscape, we prioritize generating quality leads over simply accumulating likes. Our focus is on promoting businesses to enhance lead generation and increase the number of conversions.

Campaign Creation

We specialize in crafting customized ad campaigns aligned with your specific business objectives, whether it’s to enhance brand awareness, boost sales of products/services, or achieve other strategic goals.

Facebook Management

We specialize in creating compelling Facebook pages, curating engaging content, managing Facebook ads, analyzing ad performance, and expanding your followers’ base.

Instagram Management

We’ll establish your Instagram account, curate captivating content, develop hashtag strategies, manage community interactions, analyze monthly analytics reports, and provide additional services tailored to your needs.

Linkedin Management

We specialize in creating and managing LinkedIn profiles to reflect your business’s professionalism and connect with like-minded professionals.

Twitter Account Management

Our Twitter marketing strategies leverage trending hashtags and impactful language to establish brand authority and enhance engagement.

Video Promotions

We specialize in creating, curating, and leveraging videos to promote your products/services to your target audience, effectively boosting user engagement.

Pinterest Management

Our team of social media marketing experts handles all aspects of Pinterest, including Pins, Boards, and Feeds, with the aim of increasing engagement, generating leads, and retaining customers.

A toZ Social Media Optimization

We harness the power of essential Social Media Optimization (SMO) tools and strategies to amplify awareness of your new products or services, driving growth in your online presence.


Take the First Step to begin the journey of thousand miles. Call us now or book an appointment and let’s start an enduring partnership that will fulfil all your business goals. We help start-ups & enterprises increase their online potential to always stay on top of the game.

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How We Help To Grow Your Business?


Communication is the key to every success. We meet clients to discuss the project details and understand their ideas, needs and demands at the core.

02.Ideas & Planning

Our professionals develop out-of-the-box ideas and ensure a workflow that meets the project’s key objectives.


We execute the ideas and plans as agreed and ensure that every step of the project leads towards the stated outcomes from the initial phase.

04.Monitor & Deliver

Our experts track progress, analyse project execution against project planning and outcomes, and deliver the product within the agreed time.

Our Service Promise Outdo The Rest

Strategy Planning

We strategically plan the type of content and regulate the timing and frequency of posting on each social network to optimize engagement and reach.

Optimise Social Accounts

Fill in your social profiles, create valuable content, use images & catchy headlines etc.

Content Creation for SMM

Create blogs, videos, social media posts to engage your social media followers and fans.

Content Publishing

We will create, edit & publish quality content on your social media profiles like Facebook.

Community Management

We reply to queries & engage with various groups& communities on all major social platforms.

Social Media Monitoring

Check and analyse social media reporting metrics and get insights into the performance.

How Can Social Media Marketing Make A Difference?

SMM or Social Media Marketing offers an effective way to better understand and learn from your target audiences. It does more than help businesses reach more customers and improve site traffic.

Increased Brand Awareness

SMM is a crucial factor in increasing brand awareness as it helps businesses maintain customer relationships and get new leads.

Improved Brand Loyalty

A brand gets more exposed to people with social media marketing, leading to brand familiarity and brand loyalty.

Attract A Targeted Audience

Data-driven social media marketing strategies help you identify, attract, nurture and engage your primary audiences.


You can sign up and create profiles for free on all social media platforms; paid promotions will cost you less than other marketing tactics.

Increase visibility

Sharing great visual content across all social media platforms develops a unique voice and increase your brand’s visibility.

Uncover valuable insights

With SMM, you can obtain valuable information about your consumers that eventually helps you make smart business decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our SMM experts begin by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your company’s nature, objectives, goals, target audience, and competitors. Based on this thorough assessment, we craft results-driven strategies tailored specifically to your business.

Allocate an advertising budget to an existing post on your brand’s social media page and create a boosted post. You can boost a current post to make it visible to more people. 

The cost of SMM services is influenced by various factors, including the chosen media platform and the desired frequency of posts per month. However, at Star Tech Web Solutions, we provide cost-effective SMM management services. Simply share your requirements with us, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote tailored to your needs.

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